Festes de Sant Antoni

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When the Christmas holidays are over, when we have signed up for the gym but we have not been there yet, it's when the Sant Antoni festivities appear around the 17th of January, which are one of the most deeply rooted festivals typical of Mallorca. They are celebrated in many municipalities of the island with different intensity and fervor and the theme of the party is related to fire and the devil.

Sant Antoni was born in Egypt in the third century in the bosom of a Christian wealthy family. He decided to donate the inherited fortune among the poor by becoming an orphan, except for a part that would allow his sister, who was in charge, to have a comfortable life. He went to the desert to live as a hermit, where he suffered great temptations on the part of the devil and his great love for animals made him become the patron saint of animals and the farmers were entrusted to him to obtain his protection for field work and harvests He died on January 17 of the year 356.

In the days before 17 some municipalities are encouraged with preparations for the party itself but the important day is celebrated the eve of the saint, with the so-called Revetlla de Sant Antoni, where bonfires are lit and people go to the "torrades" to taste the sobrasadas and botifarrons that were stuffed during the "matances". The party includes the departure of dimonis, caparrots, pyrotechnics and correfocs that symbolize the temptations that Sant Antoni had to suffer; and also the glossades, which are small rhymed and usually improvised compositions, accompanied by the rhythm of the zambombas.

From here we recommend you to attend any of the towns that celebrate Sant Antoni, but those that are celebrated in Manacor, Sa Pobla or Pollença are especially important.

In the following link you will find the festivities of the villages that celebrate Sant Antoni: Fiestas of Sant Antoni