• Difficulty: easy
  • Sweets and pastries


We can consider the ensaimada as the most international dessert of Mallorca and a reference in its pastry. Who would say that under that icing sugar and among the kneaded flour has been used lard to get this candy.

The first cookbooks that cite the ensaimada date from the seventeenth century, but some historians place it in the Muslim era. Because of its shape, which resembles a turban, and similarities with other Arab sweets. However, there is no doubt it's about a fusion of culture and history.

The we can find smooth (simply glazed dough) or stuffed multiple typical flavors: chocolate, angel hair, cream or cream burned. However, novelties proliferate in fillings such as apricots, cream, white chocolate and nuts ... Be that as it may, the recipe is the same, we would only have to cut it in half and fill it with what we prefer The Mallorcan ensaimada has been considered sweet with denomination of origin and is produced with Protected Geographical Indication.


For 2 large ensaimadas or 15 small ones:

- 600 g of flour
- 200 g of sugar
- 120 g of lard
- 3 eggs
- 2 g of fresh baker's yeast
- 150 ml of warm water
- Oil
- 1 teaspoon of salt
- Sugar glas


We start by putting the sugar, eggs and about 25 g of butter pork in a bowl, stirring everything well. In another container, we mix the warm water with the yeast and, when dissolved, we incorporate it into the bowl. We beat and we are incorporating the sifted flour little by little. If not You have a sifter, you can use a sieve.

As we add the flour, we must go mixing the mixture. Remember that for a mass is better, you have to hit and break it constantly, avoiding let air stay inside. Another tip to knead it more easily: apply your hands with oil so it does not stick.

The objective is that we have an elastic mass and easy to stretch. When we have it, we should let it rest for 24 hours, depending on the temperature, in a place away from drafts.

When has doubled its size, we will cut the dough into as many pieces as final ensaimadas we want. Advice: let the potions rest about 45 minutes before flattening. Put your hands back in oil, the table and the roller, because you will need it. With this one, stretch each portion, giving it a rectangular and elongated shape.

We distribute the rest of the butter over each piece scattering well and we stretch them again until the dough is very thin. We wind up each portion along and then in the form of spirals. We place them in a tray inside the oven until they are doubled in size. We light it at 160-180 ° C (up and down) for about 20 minutes. Stay tuned and remove them when they are golden brown. All that's left is to give it a touch of icing with sugar and ready to eat.