• Difficulty: medium
  • Sweets and pastries


El Gató is a typical dessert from Mallorca, its main ingredient is Mallorcan almonds, widely used and appreciated within the gastronomy of the island.

It is said of this dessert that already in the century XVIII was one of the most popular in the courts of that time. It comes of the union of French and Mallorcan cuisine.

They can eat people allergic to gluten because it is a dessert that does not lead flour for its preparation, it is only sprinkled in the mold so that it sticks but it can be suppressed.

El Gató is a very spongy and sweet sponge cake that delights children, young and old.

Los Mallorcan we usually accompany it with a good scoop of ice cream almond in summer and in winter with a cup of hot chocolate.


- 300 g of ground almonds

- 300 g of sugar

- 8 eggs

- one teaspoon of cinnamon

- lemon zest

- shortening

- some flour


We'll start mixing in a bowl of ground almonds and lemon zest.

Next We will light the oven at 180º to preheat it and prepare a mold about 25-30 cm in diameter spreading butter and sprinkling a little flour so that the dough does not stick.

Now we will separate the whites of the yolks of the eggs, with the yolks we will mix 150 g of sugar and we will assemble it and then we will do the same with the clear and the other 150 g of sugar. (We can help with the blender electrical).

Now it's time to mix the yolks with the clear, ground almonds, lemon zest and cinnamon. Must be do it gently with movements from top to bottom.

We put it all in the mold already prepared with lard and flour and we will oven at about 180º about 30 minutes. After that time the oven is lowered to about 150º and leave about 10 more minutes.

To verify that the he caught this fact he sticks a stick in the center, if it comes out clean done, but leave it for another 5 minutes and repeat the operation with the stick until it comes out clean.

When it is at its point it is removed from the oven and the mold is gently tapped against the countertop to prevent the dough from falling.

Once it is cold, it is demoulded and sprinkled with icing sugar.