• Difficulty: hard
  • Pies and salade pastries


The Llonguet is a very typical roll from Mallorca, specifically from the area of Palma, but can also be found in the rest of the Island and in many places in the Catalan-speaking geography.

It has an oval shape, it is plump and bulging with a groove in the middle that separates it into two halves. It can have different measurements.

Su processing is somewhat laborious since it must be rolled into various occasions until forming an elongated piece from where the different llonguets cutting it into pieces and making a hole in them center. Its cooking is very simple and fast.

The llonguet is a Very popular muffin in Mallorca, with this type of muffin they make a lot of sandwiches of very different flavors and almost always with scrubbed tomato, oil and salt base with: serrano ham, cheese, loin, tortilla, cod ...

The people of Palma are called with the nickname Llonguets for this bread and a collective has been created called Orgull llonguet that in the patron festivities of Palma come out the streets to claim this kind of muffin that would have come to lose if a few years ago it would not have been promoted again consumption of it.


- Half a kilo of flour strength.

- About 100g of sourdough

- 7g of yeast

- Water

- 10g of salt


Put all the ingredients in a bowl with the water you pick up obtain a consistent dough that does not stick on the hands.

The dough is lengthened forming an elongated piece, giving a longitudinal fold. Let it sit for 15 minutes.

Una Once the dough has settled, fold again and roll the dough with elongated piece shape (the thickness will depend on the size we want the llonguets). Let stand 10 more minutes.

After the dough has returned to rest we will flatten and stretch.

Now it's time to cut pieces of dough into different pieces that will be our llonguets. We will leave to ferment at 25º for 60 minutes.
Una Once fermented we will make a shallow cut and put them to Bake on top of baking paper at 240º for about 20 minutes.