Panades de mussola

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Pies and salade pastries


Mussola pasnadas are very typical of Mallorca at Easter, when it is most They eat, but they can eat all year round because they are delicious.

They usually eat mid-morning, after lunch or as an afternoon snack.

They can be filled with:

- Beef

- Meat with greens.

- Fish


For the dough:

- 250 g of shortening

- 1 glass of olive oil

- 2 glasses of water

- the flour you take

For the filling:

- 1 kilo of musola already peeled and without thorns.

- 1 bunch of parsley.

- 1 bunch of sofrito.

- 2 bundles of chard.

- salt

- Ground black pepper

- olive oil


We'll start by cleaning and cut the musola to dice. We season it with oil, pepper and salt. (this mixture can be left to rest a good time to make it more tasty).

Afterwards we will wash all the vegetable and cut it into small pieces, let it dry and we season it with oil, pepper and salt.

To make the dough we will put all the ingredients in a container except the flour and we will mix, then we will begin to add the flour that takes until There is a soft mass that does not stick to our fingers. We leave it rest for at least half an hour.

When the time has passed timely we can start to make balls of dough, flatten them with the roll and give them a pie shape. When we have achieved the form desired we will fill them with a layer of vegetables in the background, pieces of musola in the center and a layer of vegetables on top (you have to fill it well so that later when it is cooking it is not half empty). Then cover them with a piece of dough that we have prepared with round shape joining the base with the lid making pinches with the fingers, we will prick the lid about 4 times with the fork.

When let's finish, we'll put them in the oven tray and cook them around 200º for about 45 minutes. (all these data about the temperature and The time may vary depending on the characteristics of the oven in that they cook)

When they are cooked, they are removed from the oven and left to cool.