• Difficulty: easy
  • Main dishes


The preparation of this dish was already in the cookbooks of the XIV century. According to the cuisine of the time, it could have its origins in the Sephardic kitchen, with certain dependencies of the Arab. It's about a historic dish and the most traditional.

The most typical one elaborate with lamb meat: asaduras, liver and blood. Nevertheless, Recently there have been innovations based on vegetables or the seafood.

According to the time of the year in which we are, You can incorporate seasonal vegetables to your Mallorcan frit, such as beans tender, but re-cut it very well.

Lovers of This dish usually say that its flavor is further enhanced if it is cooked from day after day, always served hot. As a suggestion, accompany it with a slice of farm bread and a glass of red wine.


For 4 people :

- 1 kg of pork fat and liver
- 250 g of cooked pork blood
- 1kg of potatoes
- 2 red peppers
- 1 bunch of spring onions
- 1 head of garlic
- 1 or 2 chilli peppers
- A few sprigs of fresh fennel
- 3 bay leaves
- Olive oil
- Salt
- Pepper
- 250 g of baby green beans, if you decide to incorporate them


We start cutting all the fried into small pieces and the we pepper. We leave it set aside in a sufficient container large.

Next, we cut the peppers and chives also in small portions and we put them together equally in another container.

We go with the potatoes. We peel and cut them in walking sticks, not too wide. It's time to prepare a pan large or a pan with plenty of oil until it is hot. While it is hot, we can prepare the garlic and crush it. With the hot oil, fry the potatoes together with the garlic. Put the fennel in water to hydrate it.

When the potatoes are ready, the We go to a clay pot and continue frying all the meat with the chilli and the laurel. We repeat the same process adding them to the pot of clay next to the potatoes and fry the vegetables.

Remember to remove the oil well from the food every time you extract them from the pan. The idea is that the final result is sweet, but not oily. Now we incorporate the fennel, we rectify salt and pepper, remove everything with care not to break the potatoes and we will have ready to serve.