Pa amb oli

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Main dishes


Pa amb oli or pamboli is one of the easiest and most popular dishes of Mallorcan cuisine.

It's very similar to pa amb tomaca catalan.

It is usually the daily dinner of many people in Mallorca.

There are many restaurants on the island that serve it, there are even specialized restaurants only in Pambolis.

He pa amb oli can be eaten with the basic ingredients or it can also be they can add other sausages, cheeses, tuna, anchovies or anchovies, even if you want to make more elaborate you can add loin or other type of grilled meat, cuttlefish or squid grilled ...

A secret to make a good pamboli is not to skimp on the oil, it must be flooded but it must have a good jet to enjoy full of this dish.

Main Ingredients :

- Pan peasant.

- Extra virgin olive oil.

- Ramallet tomatoes.

Optional ingredients:

- Serrano ham.

- Cheese any variety.

- Any sausage that you like like: ham, chorizo, sausage, camaiot ...

- Anchovies, tuna, anchovies .. .

- Even grilled sirloin or cuttlefish.


Slices of bread payes (whichever you want) are cut, which can be Toast or not, to the taste of the consumer. The tomato is rubbed ramallet (if you can not get this variety of tomato is done with another with a lot of pulp), put salt and a good spray of olive oil Extra virgin.

Next you can add any ingredient from the list of optional ingredients if you like.