Aceite de oliva

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Olive oil gives personality to many dishes,

elevates its category and transmits color, aroma and flavor. It is a great

reference in Mediterranean cuisine and for many centuries it was

used for balm or ointment.

The kitchen of now has put it in the privileged place it deserves, both for its culinary properties and for its healing properties

In Mallorca, extra virgin olive oil is produced denomination of origin with olives of the Mallorcan variety, Picual and Arbequina. There are two types of oil according to the moment of picking, sweet and fruity. Mallorcan oil is from great quality thanks to the high age of the olive trees of Mallorca.

The main areas of production and processing of olive oil spread through almost all municipalities of Majorca. The lack of rainfall in Mallorca does not affect the production, because, thanks to the high humidity, olive trees They adapt very well to our climate. The Serra de Tramuntana also positively helps the production thanks braking the strong winds from the north.

In Mallorca the oil is still produced in a traditional.


In Mallorcan appetizers, the olives are never absent. There are green ones that are collected in autumn, from blacks that are They collect in December.

Green olives are salted in two ways, whole or trencadas. The most common are the trencadas with their intense flavor and a bit bitter. & lt;