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El Palo is an alcoholic drink typical of Mallorca. It is colored dark brown almost black, very dense and with a very flavor and smell characteristic.

The Palo is extracted from the bark of the machine together with gentian roots plus sugar, sucrose and alcohol. Both the machine like the gentian they are of bitter flavor.

It is called Palo because to the The bark of the machine is also called machinewood. They say that the We know in Spain thanks to the Countess of Chinchón who brought her South America. The Countess suffered a fever while in Lima and there the they treated with cinchona bark and it was cured, so when he came back to Spain He brought her with her. One of its healing functions was also to cure malaria.

El Palo is a drink with a geographical designation PALO DE MALLORCA, this allows to protect the drink the unfair competitions that may harm the quality of the product.

It is usually consumed as an aperitif alone or accompanied by a siphon, there are even people who made a trickle of gin so it is not so sweet. Now it has Very fashionable place in Mallorca to go out for a snack before eating and El Palo con Sifón is one of the most typical drinks of Mallorca that They can be taken.