Es Trenc beach is located on the south coast of Mallorca.

In 1984, the area of Es Trenc Es Salobrar de Campos is declared a natural area of special interest. This area is made up of the D'Es Trenc beach, the dunes that run parallel to the coast, the Salinas and the farmland that are in its area of influence.

The beach is a virgin beach about 2 kilometers long and about 22 meters wide, appreciated for its fine white sand and its clean and transparent waters. The Salobrar area is a group of artificially constructed ponds built many years ago that are still active today, that is, they are continuing to extract salt.

In this area live many and varied species of animals and birds (gulls, rabbits, insects ...) The rush, fennel and tamarind are also an important part of the area.

Today the area is declared a Natural Park.

Within Trenc there is an area called Ses Covetes where you can practice nudism.

From the beach of Trenc you can see the island of Cabrera, an island that is part of the Balearic archipelago.

In the sand we can find some constructions such as: 6 bunkers (from the time of the civil war), 3 barracks, a restaurant and a medical center (small).

There are umbrellas and hammocks almost all over the beach.

Parking is the most difficult to achieve, as it is considered a protected natural space it is impossible to park near the beach, you have to park far and walk a bit to access the beach. This year 2016 there are shuttle buses that take you from Sa Rápita where you can park without any problems at Trenc in the Ses Covetes area. It is line 530 that will only be operational during the summer.

The restaurant also has a parking service for its users. They charge you 20 euros which are then discounted in the account.